Contradicting Media Dismissing Palin For 2016 Should She Run;Holding Elected Office Not Necessary For Nomination: 36% Of Nominees Did Not

Sarah Palin Information Blog

One of the many media/leftist memes I have seen is that “Sarah Palin will never hold elective office again.” 

Why the left/media should continue to attack and berate someone who was a VP candidate four years ago, whom they deem irrelevant is a mystery. Unless, perhaps, they perceive her as a long term threat, which is of course justifiable and reasonable even if not stated.

The ‘will never hold office again” meme I take as implying some sort of absolute impediment to her being able to be a candidate for the presidency as, apparently, being in some sort of elected position at the time of the primary/convention season is a prerequisite.

Expecting Palin to, at some point in the future and hopefully commencing in the pre-election year of 2015, announce a run for the presidency it may be of value for supporters to be immediately able to counter this meme should it, undoubtedly I believe, arise.

If every one of the 25 elections held in…

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