City Journal: Refugees bring numerous health problems with them to your towns; more reporting needed



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Image result for diseased refugees


Refugee Resettlement Watch

LOL! But New York City dwellers need not worry too much because most refugees resettled in the state of New York go to other towns and cities.  New York is virtually always in the top five resettlement states in the nation.

This article at City Journal by Jonathan Leaf is a bit strange as one is initially cautioned about using fear mongering on the subject of refugee health, but when you read carefully writer Leaf then tells readers about some serious health concerns and he wraps up with this paragraph:

Regardless of their views of secularism, constitutionalism, or jihad, refugees entering the United States from the Middle East may be vulnerable to or carrying an array of potentially serious ailments. Thoughtful reporting on this aspect of the refugee debate is long overdue.

We have been doing thoughtful reporting on refugee health issues for nine years! For any serious student of…

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Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am — The Muslim Issue

It’s pretty funny…. Some fed up people in Sweden ventured to a rich area at 6 am to give them a taste of the future of multicultural society by playing the Islamic morning prayers – loud. Exactly like they do in the Middle East. Even the police showed up to see what the ruckus was […]

via Swedes demonstrate cultural enrichment with Islamic morning prayers at 6am — The Muslim Issue

Hell, the Swedish people have Nazis for police! What right do they have to confiscate their van? Multiculturalism is killing the Swedish people’s sovereignty and allowing the satanic cult of islam to TAKE OVER their nation.

If it was Muslims playing the prayers, NOTHING would have been done to stop them!! I’ll bet these police would NOT have tried to stop them!

You Swedes had better wake up before your country becomes like the other third world shit holes that the Barbaric Bastards have INFILTRATED, and INVADED!!



I hope that Sweden does NOT allow the satanic cult of islam to DESTROY their country! Kiss your tourist trade goodbye!! I would NEVER visit any country that has been INVADED by the islamic savages! It is NOT safe to visit, nor are any of the other third world islamic shit holes!! The Savages TRASH up, and DESTROY every country that they have INVADED!! They do NOT co-exist with any civilized societies!

The ASSHOLES with money to live in their own areas, think that it alright to allow the SAVAGES to INFILTRATE the poor people’s neighborhoods are TRAITORS to their own country and people! They should NOT be allowed in Sweden or any other civilized nation!!

UK: Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’

The Muslim Issue

Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’: Support group says some have been warned they will be killed if they abandon their religion  

  • A support group said young Muslims who abandon their faith face abuse
  • The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain said some are frightened to speak out
  • One former Muslim was warned by her mother that she would be killed  

Council of Ex-Muslims leader Maryam Namazie said 'there is nothing more intolerant than religion' 

Young Muslims who abandon their faith face violent retaliation and abuse from their families, a support group said yesterday.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain said those born into the religion are often frightened of speaking out – and those that do are in danger of attack.

It said one former Muslim said she…

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Hillary is the Muslim Terrorists ENABLER and a TRAITOR to America!!!

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Trump MUST bring THIS up in Debate:

Hillary, endorsed by Obama, will only continue Obama’s policies & regime on IRAN, our biggest threat!: Wall St. Journal article yesterday on Obama, who’s endorsed Hillary, signed SECRET US Doc, lifting sanctions against 2 Iran Banks financing Iran’s nuclear bomb activity!


THIS issue was to be decided ONLY BY WORLD POWERS & NOT TIL 2023!~Quote from UANI: “US Signed Secret Document to Lift UN Sanctions on Iranian Banks!

The Wall Street Journal~The Obama administration agreed to back the lifting of United Nations sanctions on two Iranian state banks blacklisted for financing Iran’s ballistic-missile program on the same day in January that Tehran released four American citizens from prison, according to U.S. officials and congressional staff briefed on the deliberations.

The U.N. sanctions on the two banks weren’t initially to be lifted until 2023, under a landmark nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers that went into effect on Jan. 16. The U.N. Security Council’s delisting of the two banks, Bank Sepah and Bank Sepah International, was part of a package of tightly scripted agreements-the others were a controversial prisoner swap and transfer of $1.7 billion in cash to Iran-that were finalized between the U.S. and Iran on Jan. 17, the day the Americans were freed. The new details of the delisting have emerged after administration officials briefed lawmakers earlier this month on the U.S. decision.”~source: Lois Dickson Meyers


TRUMP is the Perfect Man for the Job!! STOP the #BenghaziBitch!


Texas Tea Party Patriots


As far as I am concerned,#TRUMP is the perfect man for the job!! Yes, he is not perfect, because he is not God. #DONALDTRUMP is the BEST man for the job!

#TRUMP has worked for and created jobs for his money! He will work for us, the American people, that the EVIL bitch calls “Deplorable”, NOT the foreigners and islamic terrorists! She is the DEPLORABLE, DECADENT, DEMON, DOPED UP, and a DISGRACE to America, just like Obama is!! The only people that they have helped are themselves!!

#TRUMP is EXACTLY right when he states that America is less safe that she was fifteen years ago!! The #BenghaziBitch is trying to convince people that #DonaldTrump is hateful!! What an IDIOT! She is the one that labels us DEPLORABLE and RACIST, that is Obama’s tactics of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals! She continually uses the EXCUSE that “she cannot recall”!…

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Obama’s frantically dismantling every thing good about our beloved nation, and continuing his devious agenda for our country. He is not an American, and he hates everything that America stands for. He admitted that his devious plan was to “fundamentally transform” our country into a third world hell hole run by the satanic cult of rape, torture, pedophilia, and death!

Fools believed that he meant he was going to change America into a socialist or communist hell hole fantasy. He is NOT on our side!! Wake up Americans, allowing the #BenghaziBitch to STEAL the election will just serve to ENABLE #CrookedClinton to continue to destroy our beloved nation “from within”!! We MUST stop the EVIL WITCH!

There are more than 2,106 radical mosques in the U.S., according to the Clarion Project, a non-profit group that describes itself as “dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism.” The map includes 83 – or nearly 4 percent – of the 2,106 mosques in the United States as of 2010.

Here’s A Map of Radical Mosques in the U.S.

ISIS has over 80 “soldiers of Allah” camps all over the USA, while Obama told the FBI to “stand down” and stay away from these camps that practice killing Americans every day. Obama has put demonic Muslims in positions of authority in Washington, and even in our White House! He should never have been allowed to INFILTRATE our White House!!

The Corrupt, Communist Soros bought his “puppet’s way into our White House.



Muslims are prohibited in the USA but they are quickly over running us with Obama’s secret smuggling nightly by UPS planes outfitted to carry passengers. We are being OVERTHROWN NOW. FIGHT BACK!

Muslims don’t belong in our country and have been forbidden to live here since 1952. Islam, by law, is PROHIBITED from US immigration … The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today.

Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.

Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic.

All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government.

Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited.